Affiliate Program


The best affiliate program in the industry

Are you also a big fan of our products? Then perhaps you would like to become an ambassador for us. Our products are surprisingly easy to sell and we already have many successful partners. We will help you with marketing strategies and provide you with cool pictures and videos of the product. Does that sound like something you would be interested in? Our affiliates also get a 50% discount on our kit. The commission is 25%, contact us for more information.


General rules:

  1. No payouts before the affiliate has generated at least 50 £ in commission.
  2. Payouts to affiliates are made 1 month after the order is registered (in case of returns and refunds).The cookie duration is 2 days.
  3. Affiliates cannot use too aggressive marketing or use inappropriate content that could give us bad reputation. 
  4. Affiliates cannot use our name in any context that potentially could break the law.

If you want more information before signing up, send an email to