About Us

Welcome to YogisFlow!

YogisFlow was founded in 2019 in Barcelona, Spain and was created by yogis, for yogis. Our small organization consists of a handful highly motivated individuals working together to share our passion for yoga and to develop environmentally friendly high quality products. Now our mission is to inspire yoga practitioners around the world and to build a community of yogis who are willing to encourage each other to push ourselves and to live a sustainable life. Whether you are a total beginner or an advanced yogi, we assure you that you will love our kit and the instructional videos. We must warn you though, yoga is addictive!

The essence of yoga is about finding flow and harmony in the moment. We believed that standard yoga equipment was of poor quality and not sustainable for the environment. We wanted to change that! As a results of that, we decided to create our products with an eco-concious material. Cork is not only an organic material, it also provides better grip in comparision to the regular plastic material, it is more durable, looks great, and takes your yoga to the next level. You can work out at home, bring your kit to a studio, or connect with nature in an outdoor session. Our kit is fashionable designed and can easily be carried in the yoga bag that is included. 

We produce our kits from Portuguese cork outside EU, in Asia, in a certified factory that meets all the international standards of quality. Our Fulfilment center is located in Asia based on the fact that most of our clients are located outside EU. In the near future we are thinking to have another fulfilment center in EU to improve the shipping time and to avoid any tax duties if any for our EU clients.

We would love to hear what you think about us, feel free to send us an email at anytime to yogisflow.info@gmail.com